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Health Tech – the new frontier

The rapid growth of Health Tech has the potential to impact and improve lives around the world. Whether it be fitness wearables, health apps, mHealth services, e-health or remote diagnostic solutions, Health Tech is widely recognised to be the next frontier in technology. Our team of integrated communications specialists are passionate about the category; working with entrepreneurs and enterprises alike to shape comms programmes that tell the right story and which directly influence key stakeholders across the media, analyst, consumer, patient, health professional, Government, academics and investor landscape.

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Software and Services

We like the challenge of communicating software and services, like SaaS (software as a service), especially in the rapidly changing cloud environment. Our Sector Practice team specialises in working with business-to-business brands in this area, like Workday and McAfee.

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IT & Infrastructure

We enjoy turning the complexity of technologies and services in IT and Infrastructure into clear communications that have an impact sales and reputation. We have specific expertise in areas like datacentres and network automation, as well as broad infrastructure ares from working with the likes of Cisco and EMC2.

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The growth of financial technology (FinTech) is rapidly changing the face of the UK financial services industry for banks, financial institutions, technology providers and customers.  Our team of specialised consultants work with the companies behind these changes, from the hottest start-ups to established financial services providers.  Working with clients including Currency Cloud, Kantox and WorldRemit, we have in-depth knowledge of the FinTech sector and how to go beyond the usual channels to reach influencers, investors, businesses, government and industry associations in this space. 


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Marketing, mobile and ecommerce

Marketing, ecommerce, as well as media and general retail, are being transformed by mobile technology and changing behaviours in consumption. Our Sector Practice team is focused on understanding these changes and evolving best practice in PR and communications. With experience working with brands like O2, BBC and ZTE we have the know-how to ensure effective communications, whether it is for mobile brands and businesses or for services and platforms that are increasingly built around them.

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We love working with consumer brands to build awareness, generate consumer interest and sales. Our Sector Practice team has the brand, lifestyle and consumer PR and communications expertise and enthusiasm to tackle any brief. We work every day with brands like Red Bull and Moonpig.

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Consumer Tech

We understand and enjoy getting consumers, influencers and the media excited about technology brands and turning that into awareness and demand. Our Sector Practice team has PR and communications experience working in this space with consumer tech brands like, GoPro, Shazam and Anki.

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Clean, low emission and green technologies and services are long term growth areas. Hotwire has a global team of experts who work in this sector. We have experience of working with specialist CleanTech businesses, as well as with energy and big industrial companies. As part of our CleanTech PR and communications expertise we apply our experience of sustainability, government and community relations. We work with companies including Rexel, EDMI and REA (the Renewable Energy Association).

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